Visualize your project's timeline

The timeline view helps visualize the timing and duration of issues within your project. It gives a general overview of the status of your project, making it well suited for sharing progress with leaders, stakeholders, or just within the team.

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How to use the timeline view

Your project’s timeline is a Gantt chart view that can be used to visualize and plan the timing and sequence of individual issues. The schedule bars on the timeline represent the start date and due date of each issue in your project. Schedule bar colors represent the status of each issue.

  1. Hover over a horizontal line and select an issue to set a start and due date for an issue.

  2. Move the schedule bar to adjust an issue’s start and due date or change the duration by dragging the handles of each bar.

  3. Change how much time you’re viewing with the button in the bottom right: weeks, months, or quarters.

  4. Select the today button at the top right to go back to today’s date which is marked with an orange vertical line.

Create a new issue from the timeline

There are two ways you can create a new issue. Creating an issue from the timeline view will add it to the timeline, as well as all other views in your project. Here’s one way of creating an issue:

  1. Select the Add item button at the bottom of the timeline.

  2. A text field will appear. Start typing to give your issue a name.

  3. Press enter on your keyboard to create your issue.

Another way to create an issue from the timeline is to:

  1. Hover your cursor in between the two issues you want to create a new issue between.

  2. Select the + symbol.

  3. A text field will appear. Start typing to give your issue a name.

  4. Press enter on your keyboard to create your issue.

How to view and edit issues in detail from the timeline

To view an issue in more detail, select its issue key on the left of the timeline. This appears as a string of letters and numbers such, for example, ABC-123.

The issue view will open, where you can view its description, status, assignee, and other information in more detail.

Wondering how to edit an issue? Learn more.

Items and subtasks

Only users with the Create Issue project permission can create subtasks.

Break down items into smaller subtasks in your timeline view. Subtasks are smaller tasks that relate to the overarching objective.

To create a subtask, you'll need to:

  1. Select the plus symbol + in the row of the item you’d like to create a subtask for.

  2. Enter a summary of what needs to be done for this subtask.

  3. Press enter.

alt="User creating a child item."

Dependencies between items

Only users with the Create Issue project permission can add or remove dependencies.

However, anyone with access to the project can view dependencies.

You can link items in the timeline that are contingent on others being completed first. You can also simply see which items may be blocked due to a certain item.

Add a dependency

To create dependencies between items, you can:

  1. Select the link icon and drag it to the dependent item.

  2. Drag and drop the link here to complete the dependency between the two items.

alt="User is adding a dependency to a task on the timeline."

View dependency details

To view the dependency details, you can:

  1. Select the connected line

  2. Or, select the link icon.

alt="User is viewing dependency details in the timeline view."

Remove a dependency

To remove the dependency, you can:

  1. Select the connected line you’d like to remove.

  2. Select the unlink icon on the item you’d like to unlink.

alt="User unlinks the dependency between issues in the timeline view."
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