Use Usersnap and Jira Product Discovery

The integration between Usersnap and Jira Product Discovery will help you collect user feedback with screen captures and micro surveys and add them to the ideas as insights.

Before you begin

  • You must have product access to Jira Product Discovery, Jira or Jira Service Management to set up and use integrations.

  • You should install the Usersnap app from the Atlassian Marketplace.

Configure the Jira Product Discovery widget in Usersnap

To set up the integration:

  1. In Usersnap, open the needed project, and then select > Manage.

  2. In Integrations tab, find and select Jira Product Discovery card.

  3. On a new page, enter Webtrigger URL and Secret field.

  4. In Jira Product Discovery from the top navigation, go to Apps > Usersnap > Show installation credentials.

  5. Copy field data and paste them into the corresponding fields in Usersnap, and then select Connect now.

  6. On a new page, enter the name of the integration and select the project where the user feedback will be added.

  7. Select Save > Done.

Use the Usersnap and Jira Product Discovery integration

To use the integration:

  1. In Usersnap, open the needed project with the setup integration, and then select a feedback item.

  2. On the upper right, select Share icon > Send to integration > Jira Product Discovery or another name that you’ve set up for this integration.

  3. Select the idea where the feedback item will appear as insight. Other fields are optional.

  4. Select Send to integration.

After performing these steps, the feedback item will be visible in Insights tab of the idea you’ve previously selected.

Learn more about Usersnap by visiting their help center

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