Play with the matrix view

The matrix view allows you to visually compare scoring combinations, such as comparing the value an idea brings against the effort it takes to execute it. In this page you’ll learn different tricks you can use to make the most out of this feature.

Before you begin


  • Bubbles representing custom formulas, multi-select fields, insights and comments can't be dragged and dropped.

Filter ideas in the matrix

You can filter the ideas that show up in the matrix view by going to Filter > +Add a filter and adding a combination of filters.

Play with ideas inside the matrix

  • Drag and drop a bubble to change its value.

  • Hovering over an idea will highlight the associated bubble.

  • Hover over a bubble to see the idea summary and to highlight the associated idea.

  • Drag and drop a bubble to change its value.

  • Click a bubble to select an idea card for the bubble.

Resize bubbles

Visualize the importance of an idea bubble by applying a size. The larger the size, the larger the value. You can change the size of bubbles by configuring the idea fields so that the bubble size varies every time the field data does.

  1. In the matrix view, go to Size and select a field for the sizing.

Once you've made the selection, the bubble containing that field will change in size.


Additional Help