Create a board view


The board view is helpful when you’re trying to break down ideas and put them into columns and swimlanes. You can easily organize and visualize ideas and drag and drop cards between columns from this view. For example, if you use assignee as the main column field, the view will contain a column per assignee and the list of ideas assigned to each team member.

Before you begin


  1. In JPD, select a projectand under Views, click + Create a view > Create a new board.

  2. Before you see the actual board, name it and click Columns +.

  3. Select a field that will be your columns. At the moment, you see a set of fields that have been preconfigured for you. You can learn more about creating and editing fields here.

  4. Drag and drop cards to move ideas. Keep in mind that moving ideas between columns change the field value of the idea card.

  5. Add existing ideas to the column by using the search field or clicking + Add idea.


Additional Help