Manage project roles

Users are assigned roles and each role has a list of permissions such as creating ideas, creating views, and so on. There are three roles by default but you can create custom roles.

Administrator (Creator) can do everything in the project. Administrator-specific permissions include creating fields, changing project settings, and adding users to the project.

Creator (Creator) can do everything in the project except use features requiring administrator-specific permissions.

Contributors can open the project in read-only mode and contribute using features turned on in the project: creating ideas or adding comments, insights, votes, or reactions.


Before you begin

  • You need to be a Jira Product Discovery admin to make the changes.

  • Beware that when you give someone a role, they inherit the role given by project access first and then, you can give them more permissions by adding them to the list below and granting a more generous project role.

    • In Open projects, everyone on your Jira site is given the default creator role.

    • In Limited projects, everyone on your Jira site is given the default contributor role.

    • In Private projects, only Jira admins and people you add to the project have a role.

Add a new project role

  1. To create a new role go to Project Settings > Access.

  2. Under Project roles select Manage project roles.

  3. Select Create new role, choose the options, and click Create role.

Delete a project role

You can delete a role if you no longer need it in a team-managed project. For example, if you have two roles - lead and manager - that have the same permissions, you can delete one of these roles.

Before you begin


  1. From your project's sidebar, select Project settings > Access.

  2. Select Manage project roles.

  3. Find the role you want to delete from the list and click (trash icon).

Enable contributors to create ideas

By default, contributors can’t create ideas, but creators can enable contributors to do so.


  1. Open the needed Jira Product Discovery project.

  2. Go to Project settings > Features > Create ideas > Allow contributors to create ideas.

  3. Once the feature is enabled, contributors can create new ideas by clicking the Create button on the top navigation bar. They are prompted to write a summary and description of the idea. However, you can request additional information from the user by following the steps outlined in the next section.

Customize an idea form

You can configure the fields the users should fill in when creating a new idea. The customization of an idea form allows to capture all necessary information.

Before you begin

  • You need to be a Jira Product Discovery admin to make the changes.


  1. To customize an idea form, open the needed Jira Product Discovery project.

  2. Under Views, click + Create a view > Create a new list. Name your list, and then click Fields to select the ones you want to appear on the idea form.

  3. Go to Project settings > Features > Create ideas.

  4. Under Select a view, select a newly created view from the dropdown list, and then check what fields have been added to the idea form in the Preview form. You can also use a default view or other views from the list as they reflect the views available in your project.

  5. Optionally, mark all fields as mandatory to fill in.

  6. Under Select a template, select a template for the description field, or create a custom description template by clicking + Create a template.

  7. Additionally, select Preview in project to check how users will see the idea form.

Additional Help