Create insights in your idea

Insights are interpretations of people’s behaviours. These insights are essential when it comes to prioritizing work. Jira Product Discovery can fetch and link to insights from apps that are designed to collect data: Zendesk, Salesforce, Pendo Insights, Pendo Feedback, Intercom, and Vivun.

You can create insights in 3 different ways:

  • From within the idea’s insight section.

  • Using the Chrome extension to capture data from a web page or web app.

  • From your company’s messaging app - Slack or Teams - so you can send a conversation to an idea.

Before you begin

  • You need to have a Jira Product Discovery project.

  • You can create an insight without linking it to one of the supported data apps however, if you want to get data, you need an account with at least one of those products.


  1. Select the idea where you want to create an insight and open it up.

  2. Go to Insights > Create an insight.

  3. Edit the description field. You have the option to attach a link from one of the available products or any web source.

  4. You can also select an impact level by hovering over the Impact dots and clicking a level.

  5. Use labels to categorize the insights.

  6. Click Create.

Every time you create an insight, it gets added to the insights tab inside the idea.

Edit an insight

To edit an insight, hover over the insight until you see a pencil icon. Click it and edit the description.

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