Create and manage custom fields

Fields represent granular sets of criteria or facets of an idea that can help you compare and prioritize ideas such as goals, effort level, business impact, and so on. The project contains a set of predefined fields, but you can create up to 50 custom fields.

Create a new custom field

  1. In any view, go to Fields.
    Now you can see fields that are actively being used in the selected view at the top. In the lower section, the ones that aren’t visible in the view.

  2. Select Create a new field.

  3. Give the field a unique name and select the field type. You can see the complete list reference here.

  4. Select Create.

  5. You can now add an emoji next to the field name in the main view and a description.

Formatting fields that allow options

Some fields allow you to add several options with colors and weighting for each option. Additionally, you can highlight rows and cards with those values.

To format these fields, you can edit or create a new field, and those that have this option available will have under the description the header Option followed by Add weighting.

  1. Click Add option.

  2. Add as many options as you wish. You can tag them with emojis and colors. You’ll see the changes in the view as you go. You can also drag and drop the sorted order of the field options.

  3. If you want to highlight rows and cards with the value of an option, click the toggle below the color selector.


You can quickly edit an existing field by clicking over the field and selecting Edit field.

Switch avatars to people’s names

You can get more clarity on who users are by changing the field option from showing an avatar to displaying a name.

1 Go to Fields and select a field of the type People.
2 Click Edit field.
3 Under Options, select Avatar only, then Full name with an avatar.

Hide a field from a view temporarily

You might want to hide a field from a view temporarily when doing a presentation or sharing a specific view.

  1. In any view go to Fields.

  2. Hover over the field you want to delete and click the eye icon.

Edit a field

You can change the name, emoji and description of custom fields.

  1. In any view go to Fields.

  2. Hover over the field you want to edit and click

  3. Edit the information you want and close the window. The changes are automatically saved.

Removing a field from a view

  1. In any view go to Fields.

  2. Hover over the field name and click the toggle to remove the field from the view. Note that this action won’t delete the field.

When the toggle is turned off, the field moves to the lower section of the panel.

Delete a field

You can delete fields anytime except those that are system fields. Keep in mind that once you delete a field, you won’t be able to retrieve it.

  1. In any view go to Fields.

  2. Hover over the field you want to delete and click

  3. At the bottom of the panel, click Delete field.


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