Link an idea to a Jira issue

Once an idea is prioritized in Jira Product Discovery, you can connect it to Jira Software to start delivery work planned and executed in Jira Software. Then, track the delivery progress for this work from within the idea in Jira Product Discovery by linking it to an Epic, Initiative, or another issue type from Jira Software in the idea’s delivery tab.

Before you begin

  • You need to have at least one Jira Software project.

  • You must be a member or an admin in Jira Product Discovery and have sufficient permissions in Jira Software to perform this action.


  1. In Jira Product Discovery, select the idea you want to convert into a Jira epic.

  2. Click Delivery.

  3. Select Add delivery ticket.

  4. Search for the Jira project and issue you want to link.

  5. Click Add.

Now you can see the epic as a list on the delivery tab. Every time you create a new issue or link to an issue, it gets added to the list.

Additional Help