Use Confluence with Jira Product Discovery

There are a few ways you can use Jira Product Discovery and Confluence together:

If you use Confluence as a repository of people interview notes

  1. In Confluence, go to the page where you have your interview notes and open the Chrome extension.

  2. In the Chrome extension window, under ideas, select or create an idea where you want to add the notes.

  3. With the Chrome extension window still open, select text from the page. Repeat this action as often as you want by clicking Select more text. You can also add descriptions, labels and take screenshots.

  4. When you’re ready, select Add.

Now you can see the selected information added as an insight into your chosen idea.

If you use Confluence to write specifications or ideas

You can use the idea templates that can be accessed from any idea description to document a problem or a solution; however, you can also use Confluence, which allows you collaboratively edit a page and has plenty of editing features.

Option A

Go to your Confluence page, copy the URL and paste it into the idea description in Jira Product Discovery. There, you can display the SmartLink in various formats.

Option B

With the hyperlink field, you can link any document to ideas and make that accessible from views.

  1. In any view, go to Fields > Create a new field.

  2. Name the new field and select the field type Hyperlink.

  3. Once the field is created, you can add URLs of specs directly from your list view.

If you want to publish your work in Confluence to share with your organization

  1. In Jira Product Discovery, copy the URL of a view.

  2. In Confluence, go to the page where you want to embed the view and paste the URL to the page.

The content is now embedded in the page.

Additional Help