Publish views

With Jira Product Discovery, you can share a published view of roadmaps, timelines, and product backlogs with stakeholders inside and outside your organization. For example, you could share a published view with senior leadership to provide them with an overview of a strategic scope or even with external customers and partners so they can track upcoming feature requests.

A published view is essentially a snapshot of the view you select that allows you to manage whether or not you share comments, fields, attachments, and descriptions and with whom. The publishing option is available for every type of view.

Before you begin

  • Only customers on the Standard plan can publish views.

  • This feature is disabled for all creators by default and has to be enabled by the project admin.

Enable user access to publishing views

Before creator can publish a view, the project admin must grant them permission to publish views. To do so:

  1. Create a custom role by going to Project settings > Access > Create new role.

  2. Fill in the required fields and check the permission Publish a view under Work on views, and click Create role.

How to publish a view

Before you publish a view, ensure:

  • You aren’t sorting while using one of the listed unsupported fields.

  • You aren’t filtering using one of the listed unsupported fields and trying to publish.

  • You aren’t grouping by one of the listed unsupported fields and are trying to publish.

  • You don’t have a board column with one of the listed unsupported fields.

  • You aren’t using one of the unsupported fields in the matrix axes or matrix size.

List of unsupported fields

  • Atlas goals

  • Atlas projects

  • Votes

  • Reactions

  • Custom formula

  • Number of linked issues

  • Number of insights


  1. To publish a view, go to the view you want to share, and at the top right side of the screen, click Publish.

  2. In the publishing dialog, enter the name, group, or emails of the people with whom you want to share the view.

  3. Select Settings at the bottom of the publish dialog to refine the information you want people to see in the view.

  4. Enable the toggle for the information you want to share in the view.

  5. Before publishing, click Preview and check everything is correct.

  6. When you’re ready, select Publish.

  7. Once you’ve published the view, you can share it by selecting Copy link and sharing it.

How to unpublish a view

You can see which views are published by simply entering the view and checking the Publish window status, located at the top bar of the screen, next to comments. If a view is published, the button will say unpublish. Click this button to unpublish the view at any time.


Additional Help