What are insights?

You can use insights to capture user needs: snippets from customer interviews, people research links to support tickets or sales opportunities links to specific product analytics dashboards, or messages from stakeholders coming from Slack or Teams.

Insights enable you to capture the data explaining why an idea is important and should be prioritized, which you can then use in prioritization discussions.

You can create insights in 3 different ways:

  • From within the idea’s insights panel.

  • Using the Chrome extension to capture data from a web page or web app.

  • From your company’s messaging app - Slack or Teams - you can send a conversation to an idea.

An insight is composed of the following attributes:

  • A description

  • An optional link to a web resource. For example, a support ticket in Zendesk, Jira Service management, or a sales opportunity in Salesforce. For links from specific systems, Jira Product discovery can pull data from the system. This data can then be used to create fields used in views for prioritization purposes, such as answering “how many support tickets mention this idea?”

  • A rating so you can specify how important an insight is. You can also create a field to see the sum of impact for all insights in a list or a board if you want to centralize all pieces of feedback in one place and rate them individually.

  • Labels so you can tag the insight, for example, “VIP customer.”



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