Create ideas from the Create blue button

You can create ideas by simply using the Create button located on the top navigation bar. This option is available to both creators and contributors to enhance their experience in the idea creation process.

By default, contributors can’t create ideas in the projects. Admins should enable this option in Project settings > Features > Create ideas > Allow contributors to create ideas.

Before you begin

  • You need to have an active Jira Product Discovery license.

  • You need to have at least one project in Jira Product Discovery.

  • You need to be a creator or contributor with the enabled possibility to create ideas in the project.


  1. To create an idea, go to your Jira Product Discovery project.

  2. On the top navigation bar, select Create.

  3. Fill in the idea form fields, and then select Create.

Customize an idea form

You can configure the fields the users should fill in when creating a new idea. The customization of an idea form allows to capture all necessary information.

Before you begin

  • You need to be a project admin to make the changes.

To customize an idea form:

  1. Open the needed Jira Product Discovery project, and then under Views, select + Create a view > Create a new list. Name your list, and then select Fields to choose the ones you want to appear on the idea form.

  2. Go to Project settings > Features > Create ideas.

  3. Under Select a view, select a newly created view from the dropdown, and then check what fields have been added to the idea form in the Preview form. You can also use a default view or other views from the list as they reflect the views available in your project.

  4. Optionally, mark all fields as mandatory to fill in.

  5. Under Select a template, select a template for the description field, or create a custom description template by selecting + Create a template.

  6. Additionally, select Preview in project to check how users will see the idea form.

More about customization in the video

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