Create ideas in the list view

The list view allows you to visualize, organize and prioritize ideas based on a number of fields you create in Jira Product Discovery.

Before you begin


  1. To create a new idea in the list view, select the list where you want the new idea.

  2. At the top, click Create an idea.

  3. Type the name of the idea you want to create and click Enter.

Once the idea is created, you can see it in the list. Check the number under the main view title to see the amount of existing ideas within the view.

Once you create an idea, you can continue creating more ideas quicker by simply clicking Enter.

Idea history

You can see the changes made to an idea over time. Open up an idea and in the side tab, go to History.

Make the most out of the ideas views by learning how to Use filters, advance sorting and autosave


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