Configure the delivery progress field

With Jira Product Discovery, you can visually track the progress of the Jira issues associated with an idea in the delivery progress field. Additionally, you can control how the field calculates delivery progress based on the linked delivery tickets to an idea.

To display the delivery progress, you should adjust the estimation type (Default or Simple) and estimation values (Issue count or Story points) to impact the final outcome. The calculation rules differ depending on the configuration.

  • Default calculates delivery progress differently depending on the estimation values. For Issue count, it takes into account the status of child issues of the linked delivery tickets, and for Story points, it includes the number of story points of all linked delivery tickets and their child issues. However, there are a few rules you need to take into account:

    • Subtasks don’t count as child issues and are ignored.

    • Child issues are only one level below the linked delivery ticket. Child issues of lower levels are not taken into account.

    • Child issues are 1 level below the linked delivery ticket, children of children (2 levels below) are not taken into account.

    • If the linked delivery ticket has no child issues, it takes the status of the linked delivery ticket itself. For example, if you have an In progress epic without child issues, then the epic’s status is taken into account.

    • If the linked delivery ticket is Done, it considers all child issues Done as well.

    • If the linked delivery ticket with child issues doesn’t have a Done status, it takes into account the statuses of the child issues.

  • Simple aggregates the statuses or story points of all linked delivery tickets without considering child issues.

  • Issue count tracks the delivery progress based on the number of issues in a certain status.

  • Story points calculate the delivery progress based on the number of issue story points per certain status.

Only the Story points field from company-managed software projects is used to fetch values. The Story point estimate field from team-managed projects is not supported.

Before you begin

  • You must be a creator to configure the delivery progress field.

To configure the delivery progress field:

  1. Click the Delivery progress field to open the Delivery tab, or select a specific idea and go to the Delivery tab.

  2. Click the delivery progress bar, and select Configure delivery progress.

  3. From the dropdowns, choose the most suitable options to display the delivery progress:

    1. Default or Simple for the estimation type

    2. Issue count or Story points for the estimation values

Once you’ve set up the options, they will be applied to the entire Jira Product Discovery project.

The delivery progress calculation is done automatically. If you want to unlink the delivery ticket from the idea and exclude it from the calculation, hover over the linked delivery ticket and click the cross icon.

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