Create and use a timeline view

The timeline view allows you to create monthly and quarterly roadmaps. Time is defined in ideas by the date field, which you can create like any other field. Additionally, when you operate in quarters, you will see an additional breakdown of quarters into months. Ideas can span across months and quarters or start and end in mid-month, making your timeline reflect the aspirational target dates for your ideas.

Before you begin

  • You need to have an active Jira Product Discovery license.

  • You need to have at least one project in Jira Product Discovery.

  • You must have at least one date field configured to create a timeline.

Configure the timeline view fields

  1. Select a project and under Views click + Create a view > Create a new timeline.

  2. Name your timeline.

  3. Under the view title, you can click About this view and add an explanation about the view for the rest of the team to read. Additionally, you can see the number of idas contained within the view.

  4. Click Select fields and select your start and target date fields. If you are new to Jira Product Discovery, chances are that you haven’t define time fields yet. Once you select the date fields the timeline will show up.

  5. Go to Fields > Create a new field > add a name and select the field type Date then, hit Create.

  6. In this view you can select whether you want your timeline to use months and quarters as time scale and the start and end date.


IIdeas with start or end dates outside the timeline range won’t be displayed.

Add ideas to the timeline view

  1. Once your timeline settings are configured, you can start adding ideas to the timeline by clicking the (+) icon located at the bottom of your view.

  2. Search ideas and drag and drop them inside the timeline, or create new ideas.

  3. You can see the total number of ideas a view contains under the view title.

You can now play with ideas by moving them around, grouping them and using filters and fields.

Change the timeline layout

You can change the amount of information shown in the timeline so you can use it to present to different stakeholders before getting into details.

Summary - Shows the idea summary and one field that can be selected by going to Fields and selecting next to the field of your choice. Hover over it to see a detailed pop-up with all the fields in the view.

Compact - Shows the idea summary and the fields you’ve selected.

Detailed - This layout shows a detailed view of all information contained within the idea.

Use time markers (coming soon)

These markers help you track critical moments known far in advance and must be top-of-mind for everyone on the product team. For example, your annual conference, email campaign, or private and public beta releases can now be prominently overlayed on your roadmaps at the top.


  1. Hover over the time axis on top of the view.

  2. Select the day of your choice.

  3. Choose a color and rename the marker.


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