Use templates for your idea description

Templates enable you to standardize the way you and your team create ideas. In the templates section, you will find a set of predefined templates such us hypothesis testing or problem definition, but remember that you can always create your own custom template.


  1. To use a template, open up an idea.

  2. Under the description field, select Templates.

Now you can either create a custom template or use one of the existing ones.

  1. To use an existing template simply select the template that you like, it will show up in the description field automatically.

  2. To create a custom template click +Create a template.

  3. Type down the title and add the content you want to use as description template.

  4. Add a description that will show up in the list of available templates.

  5. If you want, you can select an emoji and a color to represent the template in the templates list.

  6. Select Save.

Best practices

Here you can find a few links to Atlassian best practices that can help you get some inspiration to customize your templates.

Hypothesis testing

OKR guide and Template

Customer Journey mapping

Empathy mapping

Playbook: How to do a customer interview

Problem and solution definition

Mindmapping technique

6 steps brainstorming technique

Elevator pitch exercise

How to run a simple trade-offs exercise

How to run a pre-mortem exercise

Solution retrospective

Run an Agile retrospective

The "4 Ls" Retrospective technique

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