Create a list view

The list view allows you to visualize, organize and prioritize ideas based on a number of fields you create in Jira Product Discovery.

Before you begin


  1. In JPD, select a project and under Views, click + Create a view > Create a new list.

  2. Name your new list view.

  3. Under the view title, you can click About this view and add an explanation about the view for the rest of the team to read. Additionally, you can see the number of idas contained within the view.

Filters and Autosave

Create an idea - Learn how to create ideas.

Group by - This option allows you to group ideas by fields within the list view. It’s useful to organize and declutter the view.

Filter - The filter allows you to use fields to control which ideas show up on the view.

Sort - This option allows you to experiment with the order of ideas without making any change across views. Learn more about advance sorting.

Fields - Learn more about fields and how to use them.

Autosave - This feature enables you to lock and unlock the settings you’ve configured in a view. This feature is useful for teams that collaborate in the same view and want to play around with setting changes without affecting everyone’s view.
When Autosave isn’t enabled, the changes you made to a view previously are locked in, however, if you make new changes, they appear in color yellow and are temporary.

  • If you switch views, the changes in yellow are lost.

  • If you save for everyone, changes are applied and saved for good.

  • If you save the changes in a new view, the view you made the changes in remains unaltered.

When Autosave is enabled, changes you make to a view are saved permanently and you can’t revert to a previous selection.

Search - Search ideas within the list view using the Find an idea in this view field.

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