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What are external users?

The ability to add an extra layer of security for external users is available to participants in an early access program. External user security will be available to everyone soon.

External users are users who work with your company but are users you don’t manage in your Atlassian organization. External users have an Atlassian account and can access your organization’s data. These users have an email account with a domain you haven’t verified or an account you haven’t claimed.

External user settings

External user security is available with two settings: two-factor verification and verification frequency. These settings apply to all the external users in your Atlassian organization and to these products:

  • Confluence

  • Jira Software

  • Jira Service Management (Atlassian accounts only)

  • Jira Work Management

You’re unable to change the settings for two-factor verification or the verification frequency.

External user settings


Two-factor verification

When an external user tries to access a product in your Atlassian organization, we send them a one-time password they can enter to get access.

When the user logs out of Atlassian, we send them another password the next time they try to access product data in your organization.

Verification frequency

External users have to enter a new one-time password every seven days to access products in your Atlassian organization.

External user security limitations

This section lists the limitations associated with this release of external user security.

  • When an external user accesses your Atlassian organization with a mobile app, we won’t require a one-time password to access the organization’s data. Instead, you can use mobile app management to secure these users.

Learn more about mobile app management

  • When external users make API calls to access product data in your organization, we won’t require a one-time password to access the organization’s data.

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