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Edit a mobile policy

You can make updates to your existing policy anytime, as many times as you need, but you can only have one policy at a time. The changes you make apply to both Jira Cloud and Confluence Cloud mobile apps.

To edit a mobile policy:

  1. From your organization at admin.atlassian.com, select Security.

  2. Select Mobile policy.

  3. From your Default mobile policy, under the Actions column, select Edit.

  4. From the Edit your mobile policy screen, configure your settings.

  5. Select Update policy to save.

We’ll apply your policy changes when a user logs in to the Jira Cloud or Confluence Cloud mobile apps.

For users who are already logged in to the app, we check for policy changes:

  • Once every 8 hours, if the app has received a mobile policy before

  • Once every 7 days, if the app has never received a mobile policy


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