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What is data classification?

Data classification is currently only available through the Atlassian Information Security Beta program. If you’re not part of the program, subscribe to our Cloud roadmap to be informed when this feature becomes generally available.

Data classification is the process of identifying and categorizing information in an organization. It serves as the foundation of a data governance strategy in many organizations, particularly those that need to comply with government or other regulatory rules.

Data classification can be based on different taxonomies, such as data sensitivity, data type, or regulatory requirements. What taxonomy an organization uses will depend on the specific needs of the organization.

Data classification can be useful to help manage rules and expectations around how to create, store, manage, move, or delete data within or outside an organization.

Data classification in Atlassian products

The data classification feature lets an organization define classes for users to categorize their content into. These are typically created based on an established data classification policy in the organization. Each class is known as a classification level.

Classification levels can be set up by an organization admin and apply to the whole organization. Organizations cannot create separate classification levels for separate products.

Once created, classification levels are available in Confluence and Jira. Content that is classified displays a classification badge. What can users classify?

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