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Mobile App Management (MAM) for Atlassian mobile apps

Mobile policy (also known as Mobile Application Management – or MAM) is available for both managed and unmanaged users as part of an Atlassian Access subscription. For a limited time, we won’t bill you for your unmanaged users. Read more about how to start with Atlassian Access.

Configure security controls for Jira Cloud and Confluence Cloud mobile apps by creating a Mobile Application Management (MAM) mobile policy.

Your users' iOS and Android devices will need to meet the security requirements you’ve set in your policy each time they open a supported mobile app and are logged in to an account connected to your organization.

You may have heard of Mobile Device Management (MDM) before. MAM is different to MDM because:

  • Your organization doesn’t need any additional software – everything is configured within admin.atlassian.com

  • Users don’t need to download additional device management software on their mobile devices

  • Users don’t need to enroll their device

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