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Export managed accounts

As an organization admin, you can export a list of all your managed accounts to a CSV file. The file includes this information for each managed account:

  • Name

  • Email

  • Last active (when a user was last active)

  • Status  (active or deactivated)

  • Billable (members who count towards your Atlassian Access bill)

  • Policy name (name of the authentication policy)

  • Policy type (billable or nonbillable policy)

  • SAML single sign-on (if member logs in with SAML single sign-on)

  • Two-step verification (if two-step verification is enabled for members)

  • Password requirements (password strength and expiration)

  • Idle session duration (length of time members can be inactive before we log them out)

  • BitbucketConfluenceJira Work ManagementJira Service ManagementJira Software, OpsGenie, StatusPage, Trello (listed with the sites they use to access products)

To export managed accounts

  1. Navigate to admin.atlassian.com > Managed Accounts.

  2. Select Export members.

  3. You'll get a dialog that confirms we'll email you a CSV file once the file is ready to download. Click Export to continue.

It may take a few minutes if you have a large number of accounts. The unique download link in the email expires in 24 hours. Anybody else with the link can download the file.

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