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Control how users outside your organization access products


You can apply security settings to external users when you subscribe to Atlassian Access. Read more about how to start with Atlassian Access

The ability to add an extra layer of security for external users is available to participants in an early access program. External user security will be available to everyone soon.

What is external user security

Employees at your organization may work with people outside your company. These people might be consultants or contractors that need access to the software tools that the rest of your company uses.

As an admin, you manage the tension between how to:

  • Give external users access to encourage collaboration with your employees

  • Keep data secure to ensure it isn’t accessible by just anyone

Unlike with managed users, you have less control over external users who access your product. External user security is a way to verify the identity of external users, when you don’t want to give them a company email with your domain.

When an external user tries to access your organization’s data, we send a temporary password to their email address. Then they enter the password to continue.

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