If you need a list of your site's users—for auditing purposes, for example—you can export your user list in CSV format from the user management screen.

To export your user list:

  1. Go to your site's Admin at If you're an admin for multiple sites or an organization admin, click the site's name and URL to open the Admin for that site.
  2. From the Users page, select Export users.
  3. Select the users that you’d like to export:

    1. All users on the site – The file will include all users on your site, across all your groups.

    2. Users from selected groups onlySelect one or more groups and only users in these groups will be exported.

  4. Select the user status that you’d like to include:

    1. Only active users – The file will only include current active users on your site.

    2. All users – The file will include both active and inactive users.

  5. Select if you’d like to include additional data in the download:

    1. Group membership – The file will list the group(s) each user belongs to. To display multiple groups, a user will get a row in the CSV file for each group.

    2. Product access – The file will include a Yes or No value to indicate which products the user can access.  As you'll see in the example file below, the CVS file will have a column for each of your site's products (in this order):

      1. Jira Service Management
      2. Jira Software
      3. Jira Work Management
      4. Confluence
  6. Select Download file.

The list of users can take a few moments to compile, but we’ll start the download automatically for you when it’s ready. If for some reason the download doesn’t start, you’re able to manually download it from this notification.

The first row of the CSV lists the column headings. Here's an example of the data in the CSV with all of the Additional Data boxes ticked:

group_name,username,full_name,email,active,created,Last active in Jira,Jira Software,Jira Work Management
group1,fgamble,Frank Gamble,,Yes,21-Feb-18,16-Jul-18,Yes,Yes
group1,bgamble,Beth Gamble,,Yes,21-Feb-18,19-Jul-18,Yes,Yes
group2,jmiles,James Miles,,Yes,12-Jan-18,10-Aug-18,Yes,Yes
group3,fgamble,Frank Gamble,,Yes,21-Feb-18,16-Jul-18,Yes,Yes
group3,bgamble,Beth Gamble,,Yes,21-Feb-18,19-Jul-18,Yes,Yes
group3,jmiles,James Miles,,Yes,12-Jan-18,10-Aug-18,Yes,Yes