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Create an AppConfig JSON string for iOS

This JSON string is an example of a complete AppConfig settings file for iOS. This allows you to configure Mobile Device Management (MDM) security controls for supported Atlassian cloud mobile apps.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 { "atlassian.devicePolicyClipboardRestriction": 1, "atlassian.devicePolicyDataExportRestricted": true, "atlassian.devicePolicyLocalAuthRequired": true, "atlassian.devicePolicyLocalAuthTimeout": 30, "atlassian.devicePolicyLoginAccount": ${USERID} }

Here’s the setting that each line value configures:

  • Line 2: Prevents users from cutting, copying, and pasting data to apps that aren’t managed by your organization

  • Line 3: Restricts data upload to iCloud/iTunes and sharing to other devices using iOS share sheet

  • Line 4: Forces users to verify their identity before opening Atlassian mobile apps

  • Line 5: Users must re-verify if the app has been in the background for longer than 30 seconds

  • Line 6: Restricts users from logging in with an account outside of your organization

This example assumes that your MDM can detect and replace the string token ${USERID} with a string of the email address for each user. Check the documentation for your MDM for more information.

You can modify any of these values to suit your organization’s security policies. For more information on how to do this, check the AppConfig settings for MDM.


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