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What happens when apps access third-party websites?

Apps can be installed to further extend the abilities of your Atlassian cloud products. It’s important for you to be aware of certain security risks when apps access third-party websites.

Share data with domains outside of Atlassian

An app may attempt to share data with or fetch data from outside of Atlassian cloud, as part of its functionality. When using the app for the first time, users will see a message like the one below.

A list of information an app wants access to with option to accept

The message shows what the app can do on behalf of the user, as well as the external domains that the app may share data with or fetch data from.

Access to external websites

An app may attempt to send users to external websites as part of its functionality. If an app tries to access a URL that isn’t known to the product, a warning message like the one below may appear:

Modal asking if you trust the app that will access an external website

Users must be sure that they trust the external website because the app may share data with it. When users are on external websites, they’re no longer accessing Atlassian cloud, and Atlassian cannot guarantee the security of such websites.

Prevent sharing of sensitive information

Users must refrain from sharing their credentials or any personal data when using apps with Atlassian cloud products.

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