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Turn external user settings on

The ability to add an extra layer of security for external users is available to participants in an early access program. External user security will be available to everyone soon.

Before you begin

Here's what you need to do before you set up external user security:

Subscribe to Atlassian Access from your organization. Learn about Atlassian Access security policies and features

Make sure you're an admin for an Atlassian organization. Learn about Organization administration

Verify one or more of your domains in your organization. Learn about Domain verification

Turn external user settings on

After an external user logs in to their Atlassian account, we add another layer of security when they try to access your organization’s data. When you turn external user settings on, we send external users a one-time password when they try to access your product. These settings apply to all the external users listed in your organization.

To turn settings on:

  1. Log in to admin.atlassian.com > Security > External users.

  2. Select Turn settings on.

It takes about 10 minutes for the settings to apply to all the external users in your organization.

Learn about the one-time password experience for users

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