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Learn more about audit log webhooks

Use this page to establish a real-time streaming solution for automatically sending audit log events to a designated URL of your choice; by registering a webhook.

Audit log webhooks are available when you upgrade your products to an Enterprise plan. Read more about Enterprise plans

Audit log webhooks are customized HTTP callbacks that trigger in response to audit log events. When an event occurs, the source system sends an HTTP request to the URL configured for the webhook. This ensures that the event data is dispatched to the specified destination in an automated fashion.

This guide aims to streamline this process, automating the transmission of events as soon as they are generated by the source system.

To enable the source application to dispatch webhook requests, the destination application must register a webhook URL with the source. Once the registration process for a specific event is completed, you will start receiving webhook requests at the provided destination URL every time an event occurs, providing you with real-time updates.

Register a webhook URL

Please note that you can't register more than one Webhook URL for an organization.

Audit log webhook settings
  1. Visit admin.atlassian.com and choose your organization (if you have multiple organizations)

  2. Navigate to Security > Audit log

  3. Select Activity settings

  4. Select Webhook

  5. Enter the Webhook URL (the destination where you wish to receive real-time event updates)

  6. Enter secure authorization credentials using the <auth-scheme> <authorization-parameters> format. For example, Basic <credentials>

  7. Select Save

You can test your webhook registration by selecting Send a test audit log event.

Remove webhook registration

This action will stop the webhook from being streamed to currently saved URL.

  1. Select Remove registration.

  2. Select Remove to confirm.

Webhook registration has been removed.


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