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Get more or fewer alerts

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Every organization is different. A detection that’s vitally important in one organization or industry, may be less important to another.

You can fine tune alerts by:

  • changing the sensitivity of a user activity detection.

  • disabling any content scanning detection rules you don’t need.

Who can do this?
Role: Organization admin, Beacon admin
Plan: Atlassian Guard Premium

Change the sensitivity of a detection

For some user activity detection rules you can increase or decrease the number of alerts you receive by changing the sensitivity.

For example, if you change the sensitivity of the page crawling detection rule to receive fewer alerts, more pages need to be crawled before the alert is fired. This can be useful if you are getting a lot of alerts for expected behavior.

To customize a detection rule:

  1. In Beacon, select Detections in the header.

  2. Select User activity.

  3. Expand the detection you want to customize. You can use the filters to show only rules that can be customized.

  4. Select Fewer alerts or More alerts.

User activity detections screen showing a rule customized to send fewer alerts

Turn off a detection rule

The type of content you create in Confluence differs significantly between organizations. You may want to disable content scanning detection rules that don’t apply to your location, or that create too many false positives for your industry or work context.

To turn off a content scanning detection rule:

  1. In Beacon, select Detections in the header.

  2. Select Content scanning.

  3. Expand the detection you want to turn off.

  4. Select the toggle to turn off that rule

The rule will be marked as Inactive in the list, and you’ll no longer get alerts for this rule.

Control which product instances generate alerts

You can’t turn a detection off by product instance or site. This is to ensure you have full coverage across your organization without the need for additional steps each time a new product instance is added to your organization.

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