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Test a mobile policy

You may want to test your mobile policy with only a few users before you include everyone in your organization. You can do this the first time you create a mobile policy or you can edit your existing mobile policy.

To test a mobile policy with specific users:

  1. Create a new mobile policy or edit an existing policy.

  2. Under Apply this policy to, select the option for Specific users.

  3. Search for the users you’d like to test your policy with. These users need to have an account managed by your organization.

  4. Select Create policy or Update policy to confirm.

Screenshot showing an example of a user name in the specific users field

To test your policy immediately, the selected users can log out of their Atlassian accounts on Confluence Cloud or Jira Cloud mobile apps and then log back in. This forces the mobile app to fetch your policy immediately without having to wait 7 days.

Last modified on Sep 30, 2021
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