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Guard Detect frequently asked questions

Guard Detect is part of Atlassian Guard Premium. It’s a new capability, and we’re improving it all the time.

Is Guard Detect supported for data residency?

Data residency gives you control over where your in-scope product data is hosted. Understand data residency

Data residency is not currently available for Guard Detect.

Guard Detect is designed to store minimal data. Alert data is stored for 180 days, which is consistent with the Atlassian administration audit log retention. All other data is referenced from Atlassian administration audit logs and services that primarily belong to Jira and Confluence.

Is Guard Detect supported for BYOK?

Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) encryption lets you encrypt product data for Jira, Confluence, or Jira Service Management (EAP only) with keys hosted in your external AWS account. What product data can be managed with BYOK?

BYOK encryption is not currently available for Guard Detect.

Is there an API?

We do not currently have API support for Guard Detect.

You can send alerts to your SIEM or other tool using one of our integrations or webhooks. How to send alerts to your own tools

Does it monitor individual sites or your whole organization?

Guard Detect monitors the entire organization. It functions at the organization level and tracks user activity across multiple sites in the same organization.

If you are trying Guard Detect, and don’t want alerts to be generated for your production data, you will need to use a test organization.

Does it impact performance or functionality of other Atlassian products?

Guard Detect doesn’t touch any of the Atlassian product suite architecture. It’s a layer of intelligence that observes events happening within your Atlassian organization.

Guard Detect is not installed or running any code in your production site like an app or integration. It passively listens to product and administrative events and is completely detached from the actual features, therefore it will not affect your Atlassian product's performance.

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