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Prevent data export

For security purposes, your organization may want to remove the ability to export a Confluence page to a PDF or Word file. Preventing page exports from your products can be achieved through a data security policy with the data export rule. Learn more about data security policies

Configuration options

The Prevent data export rule can be configured by selecting and deselecting a checkbox.

The data export rule has two configuration options:

  • Allow page exports: Allows Confluence pages to be exported to a PDF or Word file.

  • Block page exports: Blocks Confluence pages from being exported to a PDF or Word file.

Right now, the data export rule doesn’t block users from exporting Confluence spaces. If a user exports a space, all its content will be exported which may include pages. The data export rule also doesn’t prevent apps from exporting Confluence pages.

What will my users experience?

When the data export rule is on, users viewing a Confluence page that belongs to a product covered by the data security policy will not see the Export action in the More actions menu. When the rule is off, users will be able to see the Export action in the page’s More actions menu.

Additional Help