Conditions allow you to narrow the scope of your rule. They must be met for your rule to continue running. The following conditions will address most use cases when automating your work with issues.

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Issue fields condition

The Issue fields condition checks whether an issue field meets a certain criteria, and is one of the more robust and easy-to-use conditions available. It does not require the use of smart values or JQL.

If you have a number of conditions to check, you can add multiple of these conditions in succession.

JQL Condition

The JQL condition checks to see if an issue matches a specified JQL query. For example, checking that the status category of a status for a given issue is Done.

Advanced Compare Condition

The Advanced compare condition compares two values, using smart values and regular expressions. While it is the most powerful condition available, it is also the most difficult to use. It allows for granular control with your comparisons.