View your automation usage

The automation usage screen provides an outline of your monthly automation usage and information about your Jira Cloud plan. This screen is useful for reviewing your current usage and how you’re tracking against your limit.

Access automation usage

You must have the Administer Jira global permission to see this screen. Learn more about global permissions.

  1. Navigate to the automation space in your global administration settings.

  2. Select the Usage tab, at the top of the screen.

Understand your automation usage

Usage screen in Jira Automation showing monthly execution limit, the number of executions used so far, and other details.
  1. Executions available: the executions available on your plan, and when your monthly limit will reset. Select View details to see more information about how your limit has been tallied across your products.

  2. Used: your current usage, including how many executions and days left until your monthly limit resets. Select How is usage calculated? to understand what executions count towards your limit.

  3. Usage in the last 30 days: a list of the top 20 rules with the highest number of executions in the past 30 days.

Additional Help