Test a Jira automation rule using the Manual trigger

When configuring an automation rule, you may want to test it first before enabling it for use on real data.

While there’s no “test” function in Jira automation, you can test your rules manually using the Manual trigger. This allows you to manually execute a rule by triggering it on the detail view of an issue.

How to test your Jira automation rules

  1. While configuring a rule, select the Manual trigger.

  2. Save your rule.

  3. Navigate to an issue, and under Automations, select Rule executions.

  4. Select your rule from the Run a manually triggered rule list, and click Run.

You can restrict which groups can view and manually run the rule, when setting up this trigger.

Learn more

Check out how we use manual triggers in our Jira automation template library.

Last modified on May 12, 2021
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