Run Jira rules as another user

When configuring a rule, project admins and site admins have the option to change the rule actor, so that automation rules can be seen as being run by a real member of the team. For example, if an automation rule adds a comment to all issues in a sprint, a team lead may want to configure it so that the comment is added by them, instead of by the Automation for Jira user.

Before you begin

To learn more about the differences between project permissions and global permissions, see How do permissions work?

Change the actor for a new rule

When creating a new rule, after you’ve finished configuring your rule’s components select Rule details and change the actor under Actor.

Learn more about creating automation rules.

Change the actor for an existing rule

  1. Navigate to the automation list.

    • For project automations, go to Project settings > Automation. In a team-managed service project, go to Service project settings > Automation.

    • For global automations, go to Jira home > Settings > System > Automation rules

  2. Select the rule you want to configure.

  3. Under Actor, search for the user you want to choose to be the actor for this rule. Note that users from Atlassian Marketplace apps can’t be chosen as a rule actor.

Things to remember

  • Notifications: The person you select as the new rule actor will receive an email notification to inform them of this change. They’ll also receive emails for each action that is performed on their behalf.

  • History: The person selected as the new rule actor will show as the person who performs each action executed by the rule. For example, if an automation rule is configured to edit each issue in a sprint, then the History tab on those issues will show the rule actor as having made those updates.

  • Project admins vs global admins: Project admins can only choose themselves or the Automation for Jira user as the rule actor. Global admins can select anyone to be the rule actor.

  • Making changes to a rule: Project admins can only make changes to a rule if they, or the Automation for Jira user, are the rule actor. If someone else is the rule actor, they must set the rule actor to be themselves or the Automation for Jira user before making changes. This restriction doesn’t apply to global admins.

Additional Help