What is a rule actor?

Any changes performed by an automation rule are seen as being performed by the rule actor. When configuring a rule, project/space admins, product-level admins, and site admins have the option to change the rule actor to someone else.

In Confluence automation, the rule actor is the person who created the rule.

In Jira automation, the default rule actor is the “user” called Automation for Jira. For example, if an automation rule transitions an issue to Done, in that issue’s History tab it will show as having been transitioned by Automation for Jira.

Issue history in Jira, showing the issue's status was set to Done by a user called "Automation for Jira"

Changing the rule actor

Anyone with permission to edit a rule can change the rule actor.

  • In Confluence automation, you can set the rule actor as yourself, but can’t change it to someone else.

  • In Jira automation, you can set the rule actor as yourself, or as the Automation for Jira user. Global administrators can set anyone as the rule actor.

To learn more about changing a rule's actor, see Run Jira rules as another user (Jira only).


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