Automation smart values - design

The following smart values are available to access and format design information from a connected design tool.

Connect your design tool to use these smart values.


A design represents the UX of a planned feature.

These smart values are only available for the Design linked to an issue, Linked design updated, and Status of a linked design changes design triggers. Learn more about automation triggers.

  • {{}} returns the name of the design, e.g. Welcome Screen Design

  • {{design.type}} returns the type of the design, e.g. node

  • {{design.status}} returns the status of the design, e.g. ready_for_development

  • {{design.url}} returns the absolute URL of the design, e.g. Note that this will return an encoded URL; everything after will look different from what you see here.

  • {{design.updatedDate}} returns the timestamp (UTC) the design was last updated. This value supports Date and Time functions, e.g. 2024-02-01T21:00:00.0+0000

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