Transfer Jira automation rules from one user to another

When configuring your Jira automation rules, you may encounter scenarios where you need to replace one user with another across many rules. For example, you may need to transfer ownership of many different rules if a team lead goes on holiday; or if a team member changes their email address, and they’re involved in many different rules, you may need to replace all references to their old account with their new account.

In Jira automation, you can do this using the Transfer user option.

Before you begin

You must be a global administrator to transfer automation rules from one user to another. Learn more about global permissions.

Consider transferring the ownership of automation rules during periods of minimal disruption (eg. after working hours).

If automations are running when the owner is changing, those automations may fail.

How to transfer automation rules from one user to another

  1. In Jira settings, select System > Automation rules. You’ll be navigated to the global Automation screen.

  2. In the top right corner, select  > Transfer User.

  3. On the Select users screen, select the user you want to replace, and select the user you want to replace them with. 

  4. On the Preview changes screen, you'll which rules will be updated, as well as how many updates will be made in each rule. Click Submit to make the changes happen.

Things to keep in mind

  • This process takes all references to your chosen user in all rules, and replace them with the new user. This includes Rule actorRule owner, and any time the user is chosen in a user picker.

  • This process won’t transfer connection owners. To update the connection owner, you’ll need to go into the rule itself and update the connection manually. Learn more about connections.

  • If you would like to transfer ownership of individual rules, you can do this by selecting the rule from the rules list and updating the Rule owner field to your chosen user.

Additional Help