Changes to how automation rules are counted in Jira Cloud

From November 1, we are changing the way automation rules will be counted and billed in Jira Cloud. You'll be able to preview these changes in-product from October 1. To read more, see the announcement on our website.

Edit issue fields with Jira automation

Consider the following guidance and tips when using automation to edit fields using the Clone, Edit and Transition issue actions.

Add and remove labels

When setting up the Labels field, select more (•••) > Add/remove values to add or remove specific labels to and from the existing set of labels. Using this option will override the default behavior of replacing all existing labels.

"Edit issue" action in Jira automation. The more (…) menu is open to show where the "Add/remove values" option is located.

Add values to multi-select fields

By default, when setting up a multi-select field, you will set the values to the field, rather than add values to any existing values. This means the result of the action will override any other values that already existed on the field. In the below example, the issue will only have one value (Component 1) in its Components field.

"Edit issue" action in Jira automation. The Components field is selected, with only one value entered "Component 1".

To add new values to the existing values on a field, select the Copy from issue options along with any new values to add. In the below example, the issue’s Components field will retain any values that were already there, in addition to Component 2.

"Edit issue" action in Jira automation. The "Components" field is selected, containing "Copy from issue" and "Component 2".

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