Limitations in team-managed projects for automation rules

In Jira Cloud, there are two types of projects: team-managed projects, and company-managed projects. Learn about the differences between team-managed and company-managed projects.

When configuring automation rules for team-managed projects, you’ll need to be mindful of the following limitations:

  • Custom fields: All People custom fields in team-managed projects currently aren’t supported by Jira Cloud automation. This means that your automation rules won’t be able to access values or set values in any People fields.

  • Moving issues from Backlog to Board: For team-managed projects where the Backlog is enabled but not Sprints, it’s currently not possible for an automation rule to move an issue from the Backlog to the Board. It’s only possible to do this if there is an active sprint.

  • Accessing parent issue values on issue creation: Smart values for accessing a parent issue’s values aren’t supported when using the issue created trigger. For example, if a rule is triggered when an issue is created, you would normally be able to access the parent issue’s epic with {{issue.parent.epic.summary}}. Smart values such as these currently aren’t working for team-managed projects.

  • Flagging issues: Team-managed issues have a Flagged custom field that Jira automation currently doesn’t support. This means that your automation rules can’t flag issues in team-managed projects.

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