Convert wiki markup to HTML or plain text in Jira automation

When referencing a field to send an email or notification, you may return undesirable content, specifically, wiki markup. For example, using {{issue.description}} will produce:

1 This text is {color:red}RED{color}

You can use automation to render this as HTML or plain text.

Rendering HTML

To render HTML, add .html to the end of a field. For example, {{issue.description.html}} will produce:

1 <p>This text is <font color="red">RED</font></p>

This will render the description as HTML.

When sending HTML emails, Jira incorporates existing styles into the email, which may affect how your HTML looks.

Rendering plain text

Alternatively, you can extract all text from HTML/wiki markup by adding .text to the end of a field. This is often the best way to send a clean email or notification. For example, {{issue.description.text}} will produce:

1 This text is RED

You can also strip unwanted wiki markup from issues created via HTML emails (e.g. font/color tags in descriptions).

1 {{issue.description.text}}

Supported fields

The following fields support rending of HTML or plain text:

  • Description

  • Environment

  • Text Area custom fields

  • Comments

Learn more

See use cases where you might use wiki-markup and html in our Jira automation template library.

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