Changes to how automation rules are counted in Jira Cloud

From November 1, we are changing the way automation rules will be counted and billed in Jira Cloud. You'll be able to preview these changes in-product from October 1. To read more, see the announcement on our website.

Examples of using math expression smart values

Check out how we use smart values in our Jira automation template library.

You can use math expressions as smart values to insert or set values of numeric custom fields. These can be used anywhere where a custom field can be edited, for example, the Create, Edit and Transition issue actions.

View the smart values available to insert and format numerical values.


In a numeric custom field, you can use an expression to set a value.

1 1 + 4 sets the field to "5"

To use a math expression in another field, you can insert the value using the below example.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 {{#=}}1 + 4{{/}} // more verbose but more obvious {{#math}}1 + 4{{/}} // increase a number by 1 {{#increment}}4{{/}}

Referencing number fields

To perform calculations with numeric custom fields in Jira, you can reference the field as a smart value in your calculation.

1 {{#=}}3.2 * {{issue.My Number field}} + 43{{/}}

You can add two custom fields using the below example.

1 {{#=}}{{issue.Sale Amount}} * {{issue.Discount}}{{/}}

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