Use Atlassian Automation with GitHub

Before you begin

To manage project automations, you must have the appropriate project permissions:

To manage global automations, you’ll need the Administer Jira permission. Learn more about global permissions in Jira Cloud.

Connect your automation rule to GitHub

  1. Go to Automation and select Create rule.

  2. Select a trigger for your rule.

  3. Select the Create branch in GitHub action.

  4. Select Connect to begin connecting your rule to GitHub. A GitHub prompt will appear, asking you to grant authorization to Atlassian automation.

  5. Select which GitHub organization you want to connect to.

    • For organization owners: Select Grant on the organization you want to authorize.

    • For organization members: Select Request on the organization you want to connect. This will send an email to the organization owner asking them to authorize on your behalf.

    • If you forget to hit Grant or Request, you can try again later by going to GitHub and selecting User Settings > Applications > Authorise Oauth Applications > Atlassian Automation

6. This will finish setting up the connection, and you’ll be able to continue configuring your rule. However, if you had to Request authorization, the Organization dropdown may not show the organization you’re looking for when you configure the action - if that’s the case, you’ll need to contact your GitHub organization owner and ask them to authorize Atlassian Automation.

Additional Help