Changes to how automation rules are counted in Jira Cloud

From November 1, we are changing the way automation rules will be counted and billed in Jira Cloud. You'll be able to preview these changes in-product from October 1. To read more, check out our post on Atlassian Community.

Use Jira automation with Confluence

You can set up automation rules to automatically create Confluence pages using the Create Confluence page action.

Before you begin

To manage project automations, you must the appropriate project permissions:

To manage global automations, you’ll need the Administer Jira permission. Learn more about global permissions in Jira Cloud.

Integrate your automation rule with Confluence Cloud

  1. Go to Automation and select Create rule.

  2. Select a trigger for your rule.

  3. Select the Create Confluence page action. This will prompt you to connect Confluence to Atlassian Automation. Learn more about connections

Note that you’ll only be able to configure your rule to create pages in Confluence spaces where you have permission to add pages.

Access created page information with smart values


Returns information related to the Confluence page that was created. If a rule or branch contains multiple Create Confluence page actions, {{createdPage}} will return details for the most recently created page.

  • {{createdPage.title}} - returns the name of the page created.

  • {{createdPage.url}} - returns the URL of the page created.


Returns information related to all Confluence pages created, in a list. Useful when a rule or branch contains multiple Create Confluence page actions.

  • {{createdPages.title}} - returns the names of all pages created.

  • {{createdPages.url}} - returns the URLs of all pages created.

Additional Help