What are connections in Automation?

Connections allow your automation rules to make changes in other tools and products. By setting up a connection between your rule and another tool, you can configure your rule so that an event in your Atlassian Cloud product triggers something to happen in the other tool.

For example, in Jira automation, you could set up a rule that triggers when an issue is created which creates a corresponding feature flag in LaunchDarkly.

Changes made in other products will be seen as being made by the person who set up the connection. For example:

  • if a rule in Jira creates a flag in LaunchDarkly, the person who set up the connection will also be listed as the flag creator in LaunchDarkly.

  • if a rule in Confluence creates an issue in Jira, the person who set up the connection in Confluence will be listed at the issue creator.

To learn more about how to set up a connection, see Connect your automation rule to another tool.

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