How is my usage calculated?

On the Usage screen, you’ll find an outline of your monthly automation usage, and how you’re tracking against your plan’s limit.

Learn more about how to access and understand the Usage screen.

How is my usage measured?

Automation usage is measured by the number of rules that execute each month. Usage limits reset at the beginning of each month.

What is a rule execution?

Any time an event fires as a result of an automation rule you have enabled, it will count as a rule execution.

For example, if you have created a rule that fires whenever an issue transitions to Done, this will count as a rule execution. Even if the rule does not perform an action, as long as it has been triggered, it is considered an execution.

What executions count towards my usage?

All multi-project and global rule executions will count towards your usage.

Multi-project rules are rules that automate tasks or processes that affect more than one project, while global rules automate across all projects in your instance.

One exception to this is the cross-product Issue create action. For example, if you want to create an issue in Jira Software based off an event in Jira Service Management – this will count as a single-project rule, not a global rule.

What doesn’t count towards my usage?

Single-project rule executions do not count towards your usage. A single-project rule is a rule that automates a task or process that only affects one project.

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