Use Jira Automation with AWS

You can connect your Jira Cloud automation rules with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to execute automation playbooks through AWS Systems Manager Automation.

Before you begin

To manage project automations, you must have the appropriate project permissions:

To manage global automations, you’ll need the Administer Jira permission. Learn more about global permissions in Jira Cloud.

Integrate your automation rule with AWS

  1. Go to Automation and select Create rule.

  2. Select a trigger for your rule.

  3. Select an AWS action. This will prompt you to connect Jira to AWS. Note that there are two ways to connect to AWS:

    • (coming soon) Using an IAM role: This is the method used for most AWS actions. You’ll need have a Role set up with the appropriate policies in AWS for this to work.

    • Configuring an SNS topic: This is only used for the Send SNS message action (coming soon). Learn more about configuring AWS SNS.

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