What are rule details in Atlassian Automation?

When creating an automation rule, you can also select Rule details to modify various options. This page outlines the different rule details you can edit and what they mean.

Before we begin

You must be a project admin or space admin to manage automation rules for your Jira project or Confluence space.

You must be a global admin to manage automation rules for your entire Jira or Confluence instance.

What are the rule details?

Rule details field in an automation rule


What the rule is called. This is how you’ll identify your rule in the rules list or audit log.


A longer description for your automation rule, in case you need more information than the name field provides.


This will impact where your rule can make changes. This can only be set in Global automation.

In Jira automation, the possible scopes are:

  • Project:

    • Single project: Rule will run in a specific project.

    • Multi-project: Rule will run across several projects of your choosing.

    • Project type: Rule will run across all projects of a specific type (i.e. Software projects, Service management projects, or Business projects).

    • Global: Rule will run across all Jira projects.

  • Team:

In Confluence automation, the possible scopes are:

  • Single space: Rule will run in a specific space.

  • Multiple spaces: Rule will run across multiple spaces of your choosing.

  • All spaces: Rule will run across all spaces in Confluence.

Allow rule trigger

If selected, your rule can be triggered by other automation rules. For example, if your rule triggers when an issue is created, then all rules that create an issue will trigger your rule.

Notify on error

Choose how often the rule owner is notified by email.


By default, this is the person who creates the rule. If a rule runs and results in an error, the owner will be notified by email.


Changes performed by your rule will be seen as being made by the rule actor

Who can edit this rule

Choose who can manage this rule. Possible options are:

  • Private: Only the rule owner can edit the rule.

  • Specific admins: Choose one or more admins who can edit the rule.

  • All admins: All admins in the space/project can edit the rule, as well as all global admins.

Note that site admins will always be able to edit your rules, regardless of which option you choose.

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