Enable and disable Jira automation rules

You can view the status of an automation rule to identify if the rule is currently active or not. If a rule is inactive, it will not execute until it is enabled. The status of a rule can be seen on its details screen.

  • Enable - The rule is currently active.

  • Disable - The rule is not currently in use.

  • Draft - The rule has unpublished changes.

When you first create a rule, it is enabled by default.

Disable a rule

There are two ways to disable a rule:

  • Navigate to the rules list, and select the toggle in the Enabled column of the table.

The project automations screen, with the Enabled column highlighted to emphasize the position of the toggles on the screen.
  • Navigate to the rule details, and select the toggle in the top-left corner

The "Rule details" screen, with the toggle highlighted in the top-right corner to emphasize its position on the screen

Scheduled rules that reach a Failure status for 10 consecutive executions will disable automatically.

Once your rule is enabled, you can track its activity using the audit log.

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